Top Kontrol® Anti-Theft Device

Your family’s safety is our priority!

The next-generation automotive and personal safety device is here today! Top Kontrol® is the world’s most advanced anti-theft and anti-carjacking system currently available. Top Kontrol® not only protects your vehicle from theft and criminal tampering while parked but also actively and passively helps secure and protect what is truly most important: your life and the lives of your family!

* Requires Professional Installation

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Top Kontrol® is the world’s most advanced anti-theft and anti-carjacking system currently available.

Top Kontrol® takes vehicle security and passenger safety to the next level – it prioritizes the driver’s and passengers’ safety. Top Kontrol® is the only automobile security and personal safety system able to thwart an active carjacking attempt without any action by the driver.

Simply put, lives matter. Your life and those of your family are irreplaceable. Hopefully, you will never experience the nightmare of being carjacked, but if you do, then Top Kontrol® is there to maximize getting you out safe and alive.

Top Kontrol® is a complex product that requires professional installation. Only use a Top Kontrol® Certified Technician to install Top Kontrol® into your car.

Failure to have a Certified Technician install Top Kontrol® into your car will void the product warranty and possibly result in costly damage to your vehicle.


  • 60-Check

    Anti-theft circuits actively prevent automobile theft and carjacking

  • 60-Check

    Automatically prevents theft although keys are in ignition and engine is idling

  • 60-Check

    Active and passive prevention of carjacking

  • 60-Check

    Does not interfere with the vehicle’s other systems

  • 60-Check

    Compatible with most makes and models of cars and trucks

  • 60-Check

    Manual engine kill switch

  • 60-Check

    Key-based system prevents thieves from hacking wirelessly transmitted security codes

  • 60-Check

    Does not draw battery power – system works even with a disabled car battery

what's in the box

Top Kontrol® control unit (brain unit)

Remote Control FOB (2 FOBs)

Installation Wires

Valet Switch (Installation Optional)

Instruction Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.42 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 7.13 × 1.5 in


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