Your family’s safety is our priority

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Your family’s safety is our priority

Top Kontrol prioritizes human life above all else. In the event you find yourself in the unthinkable situation of being carjacked, Top Kontrol will automatically shut your car off 15 seconds later – without any action or requirement from you.

Top Kontrol will not allow the carjacker to restart the engine even with your set of keys.

Surviving a Carjacking

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Top Kontrol

Top Kontrol is unlike any other product on the market – it prioritizes the safety of drivers and passengers. Top Kontrol is the only anti-theft and personal safety device able to thwart an active carjacking attempt without any action by the driver.

Simply put, lives matter. Your life and those of your family are irreplaceable. Hopefully, you will never experience the nightmare of being carjacked, but if you do, then Top Kontrol is there to maximize getting you out safe and alive.

Technology and Design

Modern-day car thieves capitalize on newer technologies and have developed advanced, yet simple, ways to steal your car. Gone are the days of hotwiring a car by ripping out the ignition switch from the steering column – something Top Kontrol still protects against for older makes and models.

Today car thieves use a laptop computer or hijack the wireless signals of keyless ignition systems and use those to steal your car in a matter of seconds. Watch how easy it is for thieves to drive off in your car in the videos below. Top Kontrol can prevent these types of vehicle thefts.

Crime By The Numbers

With carjackings on the rise, Top Kontrol gives you peace of mind. During a carjacking, the driver is usually forced out of the car while the carjacker quickly drives away. Worse, the carjacker can drive away with your children still in the backseat. While this may sound like an unthinkable scenario, it is far too familiar around the world.

Top Kontrol is the only product that prevents a carjacker from getting away with your car and your children.

Crime by the numbers

Every 6.5 Minutes

Every 6.5 minutes a vehicle is stolen in the US.
– Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

US$6.4 Billion

Personal losses from stolen vehicles annually in the US.
– Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

Industry: Carjackings Skyrocketing

Carjackings more than doubled during 2020.Top Kontrol is presently the only known automobile safety device that can thwart an active carjacking attempt without any action by the driver.
Below are just a few reports about this growing problem without any long-term solutions:

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